Member Profile Sabine Krimpmann contributed by Barbara Los

Actually we could leave this whole page empty and just refer to: http://www.sabine-und-armin.de. A homepage, Sabine and her husband Armin got as a wedding gift on the 22nd of December 2000. The page is filled with many funny pictures and offers a lot of information on both of them. But alas! They want to inform their friends back in Germany of their whereabouts and activities, so Sabine writes her reports in German.

Their story started back in 1993, when they met in Hagen; a medium sized town in western Germany, where Sabine grew up. The relationship was on and off, but finally, after six years, they decided to live together and Sabine moved to Athens, where Armin was working for Hochtief. She enjoyed living in Greece and found many new friends. After 12 months they returned to Germany, where she continued to work as an office manager in her father’s business. Armin eventually was sent to a construction site in Karwar (Karnataka, India) and when the initially-proposed four weeks slowly turned into months, she set out on a three-week holiday trip to see him. It was then when I met Sabine the first time and we got along from the start. 

Another few weeks changed into months. Finally she decided to quit her job and move to India. There she lived for two months in a tiny camp on the beach. Life sure was not easy. It was monsoon season, only two other women lived there, and the next shop with western style food was a three-hour drive away in the neighboring state of Goa. But her report about her stay does not sound the least bit depressing.

Last December she arrived in Taiwan. She now lives in an apartment block, close to Toys R Us and enjoys living in the city with shops, restaurants and pubs all close by.

Sabine and Armin don’t have children – yet (I actually forgot to ask her, if I may add these three letters). And like so many of us expat wives, she also is on her own for long hours. She enjoys reading, but she almost finished her supply of books during her first few weeks, when she had not met anyone yet. But since she got her Taiwanese drivers license, a solid helmet and a scooter she is able to explore Taichung and join IWAT’s social events. If you haven't seen her recently, that’s due to her Mandarin lessons. Bao Zhu (her Chinese name means: precious jewel) studies at Providence University for two hours daily, 5 days a week. She has a lot of fun with her classmates during classes and even afterwards (e.g. at a trip to a KTV, which lasted till 5 am in the morning).

She enjoys travelling and despite having been here for a few months only, they have already been to Burocay (as mall Philippine island) and to Vietnam. Meanwhile she is such an experienced traveler – she even knows how to get into Taiwan without a proper Visa.

There is one thing left, which is very important to her: she loves to sing Gospels. Whenever she is in her hometown she joins “her“ chorus for practice and public performances. She misses her chorus and now sings for her own pleasure when she is alone at home.

Sabine is a person who got "her heart in the right spot" and it’s a very entertaining pleasure to meet and talk to this lively woman.